Ratus Apparatus

Ratus Apparatus is the side project of No Code Programmer Andrew Haining. A place for me to make small, free, experimental games and game technology. I'm currently working on a new, highly experimental game engine. You can find out more by reading my development blog.


Alaska is an unfinished first person immersive sim I worked on mostly between about 2010 and 2014. When I started the project it was a fairly technologically advanced engine but during the long development had been far outstripped by superior alternatives and it made sense to suspend development.



Alaska is a First Person Immersive Sim where you must explore a world and investigate the stations occupants and to solve a murder.


Alaska is only available for Windows.


Alaska uses my own Agency engine, you can read more about the Agency Engine at my development blog.


Alaska only uses human readable data and the gameplay is scripted in lua, so is very moddable with just a bsp editor, text editor and blender.